Sunday, 11 May 2014

from the EachCoach newsletter

I've been minimally involved with EachCoach, occasionally getting a blurb printed in the weekly updates in the National Post.  I had a phone interview with Ben Kaplan last Tuesday and thought my picture would make last week's column and was somewhat disappointed when it didn't.  But then this email landed in my inbox this morning:

Amazing, inspiring, high five-worthy work on Sunday! Thanks for contributing your adventures to our page! You crossed your finish line, and are awesome.

Now, the big question is: What are you going to run next? No point training all winter just do stop here. Let us know: What will your next goal be?

As ever, here's a picture we love. This is Patty, a piano teacher who ran Mississauga, and needed help to make it across the finish line. "This was my ninth marathon and I made a stupid error," she says. "I thought I'd learned my lesson, but apparently not." 

We received all sorts of pictures, but chose Patty's for one reason. During her race, the worst thing happened. But Patty's not giving up. "Maybe I won't run another marathon until 2015, although, when I say that, that seems like a really long time," she says. "I want to cross that finish line on my own.

What are you running next? Whatever it is, let us know. We want to be there cheering you on.

Stick with it,
Ben and the EachCoach team

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