Wednesday, 27 December 2017

2017 wasn't all bad.

Starting off with numbers again:

Running:  3047.7K (5 planned runs remaining). In 2016 I ran 3132.8K and thought that it would be easy to run the year (2017 miles) or pass 2000 miles with the mileage that I would rack up training for Sulphur 100K.  I'm determined to be over 2000 miles in 2018 and I have signed up for the 2000 Miles 1 Year challenge to keep me on track.  I am going to check on my annual mileage earlier so that I can pick it up to meet my goal, if necessary.

Cycling: 216.7K.  I'd rather run.  It's always too damn windy, too cold, too hot, too many cars around...which is why I'm considering selling Audrey and getting a MTB instead.

Events: 1 road race (1 DNF), 9 trail races - 3 ultras.

Badges: 1 - Maitland Trail E2E.

Some of the highlights of the year:

  • my first snowshoe race.
  • discovering floating.
  • my first 100K.
  • my first (and probably last) Ragnar relay.
  • ending the year with a string of good races, which I attribute to my lucky Burly trucker hat.

I turn 40 in June 2018, and I have some amazing events planned.

  • Volunteering at an aid station after running 50K at Sulphur.  I have always wanted to experience the overnight madness at a 100 miler!
  • 40 miles at Many on the Genny the weekend after my birthday.  There will be a 40K training run and also the annual 19.78K run on my actual birthday.
  • Triple Crane trail running and yoga retreat in Michigan with my friends Shannon and Darek.
  • A trip to the Maritimes for the inaugural 5peaks Round the Cape 48K.
And as always...have fun and look good doing it!


  1. The thing I love about your posts, and frankly, your point of view, is that you openly state that you plan to "look good doing it." I love that! Hell, if you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong. And if you can't look good having fun, you probably aren't trying hard enough. ;-)!

  2. Ah, I thought the floating thing was something to do with your swimming lessons. Haven't heard any more about the swimming lessons? Are you going to take another run at it, so to speak? I suspect you didn't like it much but never saw anything about it yet.

    1. I liked the swimming lessons, but the adult lessons at McMaster are on Sunday nights, and I'm usually more than half dead from my long run then.