Friday, 25 August 2017

A mini trail adventure

I was heading up to Orangeville to pick B up from Grandma Camp and planned to run on ORMT beforehand.  On my way to the trailhead, I saw a stile and a sign.

The Stile of Opportunity
I had to stop for gas, so I googled Humber Valley Heritage Trail to make sure it was long enough for my planned 14K, downloaded the app (free!!!) and set out.  I decided to head north first.  The first couple kilometres were really overgrown with tall plants and grasses, so it was very slow going.  The runnable parts were beautiful, peaceful forest.

Clearly, the map showed a left turn at Duffy's Lane, but I saw blazes to the right.  I went left (north) anyways, and the blazes resumed north of Old Church Road, heading into Albion Hills CA. Having run in Albion Hills recently, I knew it would not be too hilly or technical, although I don't think my route today took me on any of the same trails from the race.  I did find, The Best Trail Name Ever:

I turned around after 5.5K, but took the road back to the car because bushwhacking once through those tall grasses was enough.

Heading south, it was pleasant going for almost a kilometer, when the trail came out to the edge of a large field, and I lost the blazes.  I started running around the perimeter of the field, and I thought I was on that stubby penis outcropping as shown on the map, but my Garmin info shows I was north of there.  It was really hot in the sun and I was close to my distance, so I turned back to the car.

Well worth the adventure!  My favourite thing about this trail was how quiet it was, I'm sure it's not very well known and will be good for long runs because it connects to ORMT.  I will be back soon for an end to end adventure!

post run blueberry pie.

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