Thursday, 29 December 2016

Oh 2016.

First of all, some numbers:

2016: 3116.3K running (2 runs remaining).  You can bet I'm going to aim for 2000 miles (3218.6K) in 2017!  I've never run more than 2600K previously so I am thrilled!
Lifetime: 20264.2K (since 2008)
Bruce Trail badges: 8

Cycling: 524.2K.
Events: 17. 5 road races, 11 trail races (4 ultras; 3x50K, 1x50M), 1 bike.

Some of the more memorable moments of 2016:

  • Running in -41C windchill at the Oracle Trail Race.
  • My first 50 miler at Sulphur.
  • Getting reacquainted with Shannon, my friend from elementary school, and her husband Darek, who are avid trail runners.
Showing Shannon and Darek the wonders of the Bruce Trail.
  • Meeting my friend and coach, Heather, in person and running a race with her.
  • Joining a really cool local trail running group.
  • Trying snowshoe running.

The big year end question: what's in store for 2017?


  1. Happy new year! All the best in 2017. A snowshoe race sounds like fun!

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  3. You had a beer with Lanni Marchant? That is tres cool. I ran with Rhonda Marie in 2016 - that was my highlight.

    from Steve F