Monday, 18 April 2016

Goodbye, PBs

I've removed the list of PB's from the sidebar. Maybe over time those numbers will fade from my head, although I'm pretty unlikely to ever forget the experience of running a sub 4 marathon.

After seeing all the Boston Marathon posts flood my social media and tuning in to the live-stream briefly (boring), I realized that I am now completely removed from the world of correlating speed/performance with success.  I'm not trying to diminish the achievement of those who ran the race today - I'm very proud of my friends who participated.

Last night, after completing the Laura Secord Legacy Trail end to end, Agnes mentioned that she doesn't remember her road PBs and doesn't care...because that's not what's important to her. And I realized it's not important to me either.  This is what's important: trail adventures (we stopped calling them long runs awhile ago), exploring beautiful places, collecting badges, laughs and great meals with friends afterward.  I wish that other people would understand that running fast isn't for everyone and that people like me aren't less of a runner or athlete simply because speed isn't the goal.

photos and video by Lori.


  1. Sure! Why not just enjoy it? Whatever rings the bell for you. I myself am keenly aware that every PB I get today will be worse than it would have been yesterday because I'm getting older all the time. But I still strive for it because otherwise the decline will be faster and permanent. But that's just me. Why should it be you? I love reading how much fun you're having in your adventures.

  2. Good for you, Patty! As Pierre said, whatever rings the bell. For me, it's running alone. I can only tolerate a few races per year, because I hate crowds. For some, it's no running at all, but some other activity. We're all different and strive for happiness, which is not an easy thing to obtain or maintain...

  3. Whatever makes you happy, that's the way to go! If it's not enjoyable it's not worth doing. I'm straddling both worlds still, as I'm not quite ready to give up all my speed. Plus I find that it does help in the trails/ultras as well. See you at Sulphur! Can't wait to watch you run your first 50 miler!

  4. Hey, I live in Niagara and have yet to do the Laura Secord trail. What were your thoughts on it? That might be on my list of things to do this summer!

    1. a little too urban but once you get on the escarpment you appreciate how difficult it would have been for her, after crossing the creek and in heavy clothing...

  5. Great post - I agree. Running is different for everyone. Embrace your adventures!

  6. Have you seen the movie The Barkley Marathons yet? It's on Netflix. I think you'll love it.