Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Just some fun runs!

Last Saturday, I had my longest run (30-32K) before ATB on the schedule.  Rhonda posted the Fatass Cake Run, which was taking place at Dundas Valley Conservation Area.  Robin was going to come down..plus there was cake promised, hell yeah count me in!

I got to DVCA a few minutes late, most people had started out, but Robin waited for me.  

There was slush and puddles galore, and VERY slow going.  I'm pretty sure I was the only non-ultra person there.  

But really, I ran for the cupcakes.  The company was awesome too, my first group trail run and a new trail distance PB!  Didn't quite make 30K but I would have done it if we hadn't ended up back at the car at almost 27K.
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Today, I visited the parents in Toronto.  They live across the street from Wilket Creek/Sunnybrook Park.  I don't get to run there very often.  I was flying, except for the last 2K, which was slightly uphill and a horrible headwind that blew freezing rain into my face, I had to stop periodically and face the other way to give my face a break from the scouring.
My name may be 100% Irish but I certainly am not! Making up for it by wearing green.

I've seen these things off the side of the DVP for years.  They look like extracted teeth to me.  My parents had no idea what I was talking about when I said I ran past the giant grey teeth.

Bridge to Taylor Creek Park.

Leaside Bridge.  There was a sign, "watch for falling objects". Ummm yeah.

Swollen Don River.
Saw a real trail, and tried to explore, but alas, I was wearing the wrong shoes.

My dad worked for Four Seasons for many years, and I remember going to Inn on the Park as a very young child.  Now it's being demolished.

Clam chowder, coleslaw, shrimp po'boy at Diana's Oyster Bar.


  1. Fun time on the trails. Definitely a different perspective then in the summer! Cupcakes were good too.

  2. I would run for those cupcakes too. Yum! lol Good job on the run. My longest run this year is coming up tomorrow.