Monday, 14 March 2011

One terrifying run

I basically had the crap scared out of me numerous times this morning. The Cemetery 12 route I ran goes out into semi-rural areas, very few streetlights/houses and of course passes by 5 cemeteries. Well, I didn't have my phone or my little LED light that clips onto my glove. Things that scared me: 

- I guess people burn candles in front of the stones in the cemetery, I'd be passing by and there would be a creepy dull red glow from the glass holder emanating from the stones. 

- thought I saw 2 unleashed dogs with no human nearby (with all my unleashed dog probs lately, you'll understand why I was scared) Turns out they were deer. Obviously, I also need my vision checked. 

- thought I missed a turn on the route and I'd be out in the middle of nowhere with no phone and miles from my car. 

- dropped trou and of course a car went by before I could get my pants back up. 

- stepped off the road when a car passed, and right after it passed, there was an old man standing on the opposite side of the road, I suppose he was out for a walk but I never saw him approaching, so to me he appeared out of nowhere. He said good morning to me and I was all "YOU SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME!" Then I ran off as fast as I could and I freaked myself out further by imagining that he was a talking ghost. If I hadn't had the pit stop 5 min earlier I seriously would have crapped my pants from fear. 

It is now bright and sunny out and it seems very silly typing this out, but trust me, I was absolutely terrified! 

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