Sunday, 16 May 2010

Mississauga HM race report

- scenic course, at least 90% of it was downhill. It was a pleasant surprise as Mississauga is known as stereotypical suburbia, a concrete jungle, but the race took us through a university campus, alongside a river, the shore of Lake Ontario and a treed residential neighbourhood with palatial houses. 
- spaced my gel intake perfectly, never felt like I was running out of gas. 
- absolutely glorious day, not a cloud in the sky, low wind and humidity. 
- ran almost perfectly even splits. 
- did not pee through clothes, took 1 pit stop in a bush at 11K. (more on that later) WHY do people waste time to line up for the portapotty when there are perfectly good bushes to pee in? 
- despite risking the wrath of the chafing gods by wearing a skirt with panties, not shorts underneath, my inner thighs remain chafe-free. THANK YOU BODYGLIDE. 
- no blisters 
- my last 3 races my Garmin time matched my chip time EXACTLY, I am getting really good at switching off the Garmin right as I hit the mat! 

- I must've dropped my extra pad when I took my gel at 7K, so after my pee break I just prayed. Fortunately my post partum incontinence has improved a LOT in the past 2 weeks and 1 pad kept me dry for the entire race. 
- the shuttle back to the race start (race was point to point) was stuck in traffic, it took 90 minutes to get back to my car. 
- I didn't pick up the pace until 19K. As Nickelback sings, "feeling way too damn good" - I forgot it's supposed to hurt a bit during a race! 
- my beloved Drymax Maximum Protection sock sprung a leak over the big toe. 

Random fact: 
- Daniel Njenga (of Spirit of the Marathon fame) won the marathon.

Duration: 2:16:43 
Pace: 6:29 / kilometer 
Field Placement: 3569 / 4925 (72.5%) 
Age group: 30 – 34 
Group Placement: 304 / 428 (71%) 
Gender Placement: 1802 / 2821 (63.9%) 

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