Sunday, 1 March 2009

I reached all my goals!

Official chip time: 2:05:29. 

Start time was 10am, so I didn't have to get up at the crack of dawn to prepare. Temp was -7 C with a windchill of -14 and sunny. Normally in this kind of weather I'd wear wind pants over tights, but I would never do that in a race. 

My running partner and I ran most of the race together, we both had the same goal, sub-2:10. Pretty much even splits throughout. 

I revamped my music playlist for this race. No 'angry' negative songs, not too many slow songs. Every song was carefully chosen for motivational lyrics and I was determined not to let my mind wander halfway through as I have always done in past races. 

I really focused on the song lyrics and mouthed the words...except for 3 seconds when I sang along, "I'M ON THE HIGHWAY TO HELL!" heheh 

What really worked was being familiar with the course - I could gage in my mind exactly how much farther to go (the Garmin helped as well), and I knew the course was flat as a board. When I passed 20K at just under 2 hours, I knew I had a PR in the books but decided to really turn on the afterburners for the end. It's really sad to see people who appear uninjured walking to the finish! 

And I even surpassed my super-secret goal: to beat my running partner in a race! 

If you want to relive my race in super fast Garmin time, here's the link:

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